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Choose the cut that suits you best

Teddy's Restaurant
New York 8oz.

Otherwise known as the strip steak as it comes from the strip loin. This cut tends to be tender as it has medium marble throughout.

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Teddy's Restaurant
Rib Eye 8oz.

For the experienced steak connoisseur. This cut comes from the rib and is the most marbled resulting in a very tender "flavorful" steak. The rib eye is said to be the juiciest of premium steak.

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Choose Your Temperature

Rare: Cool and red in the center.
Medium Rare: Slightly warm in the center with pale red or deep pink centre color.
Medium: Warm and pink in the center.
Medium Well: Slightly hot with a faint line of pink in the center.
Well Done: Fully cooked, hot in the center with no pink.

Choose The Size

All steaks are cut per order and are available from 8oz – 16 oz.
Upsize any of the above by adding $3/ounce.

Top It Up

Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms $6.25
6 Jumbo Shrimps $8.50
All Steaks served with Garlic Toast, Steamed Vegetables and Your Choice of Regular or Premium Sides

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